TrueCar enables its users to communicate with Certified Dealers who pay a premium to be placed within TrueCar's system. TrueCar analyzes pricing information and shows you what other customers have paid for a specific vehicle. They intend to equip you with pricing information that serves as a baseline for a fair deal.  Call 866-759-1180 to speak with one of our experts. 

TrueCar's Price Report can be a good reference point when starting negotiations with various dealerships.

With TrueCar's data you're able to see what others have paid for a specific vehicle. This can provide you parameters of how much you should anticipate paying for your next vehicle. 

The website has a nice search tool that allows you to view the available trim lines for any make/model. This can be helpful when deciding what options you want in your next vehicle.  


Less than 25% of the nation's dealerships subscribe to TrueCar's service which means you aren't accessing the majority of dealerships potentially causing you to miss out on deals.

The current version of the website shows savings under MSRP leaving the invoice price of the car a mystery. Some dealers are able to manipulate the savings because of this. 

Not all Vehicles have "Price Reports" since TrueCar doesn't have 100% access to vehicle purchase data.



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