Hi, my name is Sai Inhthapatha from Liberty Toyota Colorado Springs Colorado at 5115 New Car Drive on the corner of Powers and Woodman. Today we'll be showing you that 2019 Toyota Highlander. This is a limited platinum model. This is one's got a lot of the bells and whistles besides being a hybrid. 

This vehicle is equipped with a push start remote keyless entry so if you lock the vehicle you just wrap your hand around the door handle and all five doors will unlock. To lock the vehicle just press the two lines right there and it locks all the doors for you. Also, on this particular trim you get the panoramic sunroof so limited Platinum's, or the morning models come with a panoramic sunroof. You've got the heated and the cooling seats up front and option of captain's chair and heated seats in the second row. It also come with, a Sun screen shade for the second rows passengers. The vehicle is equipped with a third-row seat standard, so you can open the window in the rear to load groceries or what you need. I saw it's got a power lift gate. The best part about this vehicle it is convenient for seven passengers. You can also fold down second and the third-row seats down if you need cargo space. For additional storage, right in between the captain's chair is a little off it's a little cup holder couple that comes up matches up with it as well. So, as you can see it lines up pretty evenly flat with the rest of the vehicle. Spare tire in the vehicle would be underneath the vehicle and to remove the spare tire we have we have all the tools right here one widened down the wheel. It's like a normal pickup and you also have our cargo shade storage right here. 

So, if you are using it just pull down out to change these groceries and then if you're not using it store right down here. Some of the models do not come with it you can always purchase it but they all have a storage space for them. Now backup cameras are standard on Toyotas. The backup camera is right here, you can't really see but on the right side of the other release which is a button where you can lock and unlock from the rear hatch as well. Now with this particular model as I said earlier it does have our heated and cooled seats up front large storage space for you. From purses to large items you want to put away. You have the center diff locked downhill assist, snow, traction control all right here. 

The 2019 Toyota Highlander comes with eight speed automatic transmission and this one does come fully loaded so if you have a bird's-eye view backup camera, auto high beams, heated steering wheel, parking assist and there's a button right here to help heat the wiper blades up front. So, during the cold winters they won't freeze up when you're not using them. So, the vehicle comes with rear view mirror dimmer, SOS and three car garage settings. So, with this vehicle you've got lane departure assist as long as that's on right there. If you're driving at least 32 miles an hour and you start catching yourself on the far-right lane or far left lane the vehicle will indicate beep and it'll pull you back into the lane. It helps but, it doesn't drive for you but helps correct you to stay in your lane. 

You've got dynamic cruise control on the vehicle so as long as your cruise controls on you can set that at three, two or one car length from the vehicle in front of you. So, just like any other vehicle you set your cruise control and let's say you set your vehicle up to 75 miles an hour on the highway, come up against and slow a slower driver at the vehicle what we remain that distance away from the vehicle in front of you. 

Besides that, the vehicles all come equipped with a backup camera and this one does come with the bird's-eye view. so, we hit a backup camera it gives you real-time digital drop down. You can change the multiple different angle on the backup camera modify the lines however you feel fit. If the vehicle was in drive and you hit the and you hit this button around here I'll show you what's surrounding you know what's causing the sensors the beep off whether you're parking or backing up so you get the you got the 180 degrees side our cameras underneath the side view mirrors one in the back and there's one in the front. Now the vehicles in park it bird's-eye view or do it or do a scan of the vehicle in case you have little children or a little dog something. there's no always around the vehicle setting it off you want to make sure you're clear before you're going. 

Vehicle also comes with Auto high beam so yeah, this is our 2019 Limited Hybrid Highlander we do have models arranging from all these to all the way to hybrid limited platinum. When you get a chance stop by for a test drive. Once again, my name is Sai Inhthapatha at Liberty Toyota. 5115 New Car Drive in Colorado Springs.

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