Hello, I am Doug Smith with Larry H. Miller Liberty Toyota. I'm here to tell you about the new Corolla Hatchback. This particular one is an SE, it also comes in an XSE. Some of the neat things that they've done to it, they have improved the stance of the Corolla. They've lowered it, they've widened it and they've lengthened the base of the tires. Gives it an excellent comfort and ride and makes it fun to drive because it really holds its' center of gravity on a corner. 

So, it's also equipped with really exciting styling. Here we have the new LED headlights. Then in the back, we also have LED headlights. With the SE and the XSE they both have the eight-inch multi-information display. Paddle shifters come standard. CVT transmission in most but, this one actually has an overdrive for extra boost in first gear. You hit the sport mode and it can take off. A lot of fun! 

Also, your multi-information display is built into your heads-up dash and they coordinate together. The SE can have a connected navigation. Do yourself a favor, come in and check out the Corolla SE at Larry H. Miller Liberty Colorado Springs. You're really going to love the ride. 

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