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Brakes Plus Pad & Rotor Repair - Brakes Plus Colorado Springs Brake & Rotor Service

Brakes are one of the most important features on your vehicle. Even though you may not think about them while driving, they are constantly protecting you. When you step on the brake pedal, you should have complete confidence your vehicle will stop when you want it to. When your brakes are worn or damaged, you are putting your (and your passenger's) safety at risk. Accidents can happen for a million reasons, don't let your brakes be one of them. If you suspect your vehicle may need new brakes plus pads or rotors, let our certified technicians take a look. We will inspect your brakes plus pads and rotors and determine if any service is needed. If you need new brakes plus pads or rotors, we will provide an estimate for the work and you determine when to complete the work. 
When to Replace Brakes & Pads
  • Front brakes usually wear faster than the rear brakes, so they need to be changed more often. If you hear the squeaking or grinding noise when you press the brake, it's a sign your vehicle may need new brakes. You can inspect the thickness of the brake pads to determine if a replacement is needed.

  • If the front of your car vibrates when you press the brake, your brake rotors may be warped. Your steering wheel may also shake while the car is in motion, another indicator some brake repair may be necessary. This is a sign your rotors may need replacing as well. In this case, let our certified Toyota technicians help you. 
Brake Rotors & Resurfacing
  • Typically brake rotors should be resurfaced. If you skip rotor resurfacing, it can cause damage to the brake pads. Our certified technicians will inspect your rotors and determine if this service is needed. 

Tools and Materials Needed for Brake Repair:

  • Gloves
  • Jack and jack stands
  • Lug wrench
  • C-clamp
  • Wrench
  • Plastic tie, bungee cord or string
  • New brake pads

Replacing Brake Pads & Rotors
Before you begin, properly lift your car. Use a jack stand and refer to the owner's manual for proper lift points for your car. 

  1. Remove the wheels. Always remove the center caps to avoid damage. Keep lug nuts and center caps together in a safe place. 
  2. Inspect your brake pads & rotors. Front brake pads should be replaced around the 3 to 4 mm mark; rear brakes should be replaced between the 2-3 mm mark. Rotors can be measured with a micrometer for an accurate measurement. 
  3. Remove the caliper and pads. First remover cotter pins, slide the pin out. After you remove the pins, slightly pry the pad away from the rotor surface. After removing the bolts, slide the caliper off and hang it (using zip tie, bungee cord or a hanger)
  4. Turn or replace rotors. It's recommended the rotors are turned or replaced during each brake repair for optimum brake performance and safety, and will eliminate premature brake wear.
  5. Compress pistons in the caliper. Can use the C-clamp for most cars. When compressing, make sure all four pistons are completely in and go in smoothly. Disconnect caliper and remove from hanger. Slide caliper back over the rotor. Line up the 17mm bolts, finger tighten them first to ensure proper alignment. Tighten bolts. (Call the dealership if you'd like a torque spec for tightening the bolts.)
  6. Install brake pads. All brake pads require a lube when they have separated shims; we recommend a graphite. Place graphite on back of the pad and install the shim. Insert the slide pins back in place. Don't forget the cotter pin to secure the brake pads. 
  7. Secure the brake line. 
  8. Check brake fluid and pump the brakes before you hit the road to ensure a smooth and proper brake reaction. 

brakes plus colorado springs 
brakes plus colorado springs 
Brake Service & Repair in Colorado Springs
Bring your vehicle to Larry H. Miller Liberty Toyota at Powers Auto Park where our certified technicians will keep your Toyota a Toyota. We will provide brakes plus pad and rotor service, sometimes the same day you need it! Our team will ensure great service on brakes plus coupons to help with the expenses of brake repair.  Apples to Apples, you won't find a better deal on brake service or a better team to complete the service in the Colorado Springs area. 

We serve the Colorado Springs area - including Monument, Castle Rock, Woodland Park, Manitou Springs, Parker & Pueblo! Finding our full-service Toyota dealership in Colorado Springs is easy! Check out directions to our location at 5115 New Car Drive or call us at 866-759-1180. You can also check our Service Department and Parts Department. Interested in customizing your vehicle? Our Toyota Accessories center has everything you need to personalize your car.
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