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My Check Engine Light Is On. Help!
The Check Engine Light can be mysterious and worrisome. You see the car dashboard lights appear or a "Service Engine Soon" message blink and you panic. Don't worry, there's usually a solution for the engine light and our team at Larry H. Miller Liberty Toyota Colorado Springs can help. 

Why Did Your Check Engine Light Turn On?
The Check Engine Light is alerting you that something is wrong with your vehicle. It doesn't necessarily mean a big service bill is headed your way, but it's important to get your vehicle to a service shop as soon as possible. 

The most common reasons your "service engine soon" or check engine light turned on include: 

  • the 02 sensor (which is part of the emissions system and monitors and adjusts the air-fuel mixture)
  • a loose gas cap (which you can fix yourself)
  • the Catalytic converter
  • the Mass air-flow sensor (which monitors the amount of air mixed into the fuel injection system)
  • spark plug wires or more!

Diagnosing a Check Engine Light

When the engine light comes on and you're not sure why, we recommend you visit our service department as soon as possible.
 Since the Check Engine Light can mean numerous things, it's best to minimize your driving time in that vehicle and visit a service center so you can prevent any further damage to your car (and wallet). It's never safe to ignore a dashboard service light. Don't endanger yourself and your passengers by driving a vehicle with flashing dashboard service lights. 

Our certified technicians will diagnose your Check Engine Light with a diagnostic tool that connects to your car's computer, followed by detailed testing and researching technical service bulletins. Once we have identified the issue, we will suggest necessary engine repairs, perform the service on your vehicle and verify the issue is resolved before sending you back on the road. 

Engine Service & Repair in Colorado Springs
Don't be fooled; even if your car "feels" and drives fine, there could be a problem lurking in the early stages. Bring your vehicle to Larry H. Miller Liberty Toyota at Powers Auto Park where our certified technicians will keep your Toyota a Toyota. We will provide an engine light diagnosis and present you with a plan and an estimate on how to fix it. Apples to Apples, you won't find a better deal on service in the Colorado Springs area. 



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