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Why is my check engine light on & flashing?
One study found that 10% of all cars on the road had their "Check Engine" light on and 50% of those had been on for three months or more! Don't put your family at risk; breaking down on the side of the highway, a mountain road or in the snow can be scary and dangerous. Schedule an appointment today through our website or by calling us at 866-542-5658.

The five most common causes for your check engine light to turn on or to flash are:
Have your Toyota Check Engine Light fixed at Liberty Toyota in Colorado Springs

  1. 02 sensor (which is part of the emissions system and monitors and adjusts the air-fuel mixture).
  2. Loose gas cap (which you can fix yourself)
  3. Catalytic converter
  4. Mass air flow sensor (which monitors the amount of air mixed into the fuel injection system)
  5. Spark plug wires

Don't be fooled; even if your car "feels" and drives fine, there could be a problem lurking that is in the early stages. We've been in business for more than 20 years and you can count on us to be your Toyota Check Engine light experts. One of our certified technicians will diagnose why the light is on/flashing and present you with a plan and an estimate on how to fix it. Contact us today.

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